Stack Children

by Cemre Gungor

Aligns all the child layers of a group so that they are stacked vertically in a table. This is great for prototyping table cells with symbols,…


Sketch to Marvel

by Marvel App

This plugin integreates with Marvel App, to give you rapid mobile and web prototyping with Sketch


Toggle Specs

by Matej Hrescak

Toggle Specs (CMD+L) toggles visibility of all of the layer groups in your document named “specs”. Other than specs this could be useful with hidden guides…


Split Text Lines to Layers

by Josh Wayne

Takes the currently selected text layer and splits each text line to its own separate layer.


Split into Grid

by Marcelo Eduardo

Since I started using Sketch, I missed this feature from Illustrator. While “Make grid” can be used, it is (IMO) not usable o reven the case…


Sort Layers

by Florian Schulz

Sorts the selected layers or artboards. Note: This plugin will also reorder the layers in the layer list to match the visual order. For best results,…



by Alasdair Monk

A simple Git client built right into Sketch. Important: For this plugin to work you must be using the non App Store version of Sketch so…


Sketch to Cloudapp

by Colby Ludwig

A plugin to upload the current artboard to CloudApp with a keystroke. Be sure you have open on your computer first! Otherwise, this won’t…


Sketch Preview

by Marc Schwieterman

This Sketch plugin provides a preview command (CMD+P) that will export the currently selected Artboard at a configurable preview size (CMD+P) and open the resulting image…


Sketch Measure

by Utom

A measure tool for measurements & design specs, Sketch 3.0.2+ support. Download the ZIP file with the Measure. Copy the contents to the plugin folder (Open…


Sketch Inventory

by Florian Schulz

Design requires free, sometimes chaotic exploration. But design also means organisation and structure. Sketch can be good in both aspects, but moving from exploration to structured…


Sketch Generator

by Ale Munoz

If you’ve ever had to prepare a screen design for production use, you know how painful and time consuming it is: creating slices, naming them, making…


Sketch Framer

by Cemre Gungor

A plugin to export documents into FramerJS to make interactive prototypes. Only works with Sketch Beta right now because the App Store version is sandboxed….


Sketch App Sources

by Sketch App Sources

Sketch App Sources is the largest source for high-quality Sketch downloads. The site is a collection of plugins, tutorials, tips, articles, UI kits, wireframe kits, templates,…


Scale Half

by Cemre Gungor

Scales the currently selected object in half. It scales the attributes as well. Shortcut: ctrl alt 5 (Think 50%)


Scale Double

by Cemre Gungor

Scales the currently selected object to double its size. It scales the attributes as well. Shortcut: ctrl alt 2 (Think 200%)


Rename It

by Rodrigo Soares

Sketch plugin to rename layers like a boss. It’s a port of the awesome photoshop plugin called Renamy.


Sketch Toolbox

by Shahruz Shaukat

A super simple plugin manager for If you just want to download and use the latest stable version of the app, visit Note: If…


Paste and Swap

by Cemre Gungor

Pastes the image in the clipboard into the position and dimensions of the currently selected object, removes the object afterwards. Useful for swapping assets. Shortcut: ctrl…


Paste Into

by Cemre Gungor

Pastes the image in the clipboard and masks it with the currently selected rectangle. It sizes the image to fill the rectangle’s dimensions. Useful for pasting…


Name Artboards

by Julius Tarng

Goes through each artboards and creates a text label where the artboard name sits so it is visible when exporting with slices.


How & why I moved to Sketch

by Sagi Shrieber

You have a demanding full time job, maybe a family, maybe other side projects going on. No free time on your hands, not to talk about…


Make Guide

by Cemre Gungor

Makes the currently selected rectangle a transparent red and names it “Guide”. Useful for spec sheets. Shortcut: cmd alt r


Lorem Ipsum Generator

by Brandon Beecroft

This is a plugin for quickly creating Lorem Ipsum text in Sketch. Copy the contents of the ZIP to ~/Library/Application Support/sketch/Plugins (you can get access to…


ImageFiller for Sketch

by Andreas Wahlstrom

This plugin makes it easy to automatically fill layers in Sketch with your own images. On each run, it will randomly fetch images from a folder…


How To Switch To Sketch

by Meng To

Many requested that I write a tutorial on how to get started with Sketch so here it is. Sketch is the best alternative to Photoshop and…


Golden Ratio

by Buscarini

Make a bigger or smaller copy of the selection using the golden ratio. Here’s an example of using it to recreate the iCloud icon (I know…


Generate Android Assets

by Marius Mathiesen

The basic procedure is the same regardless of which version of Sketch you’re running, and how you installed it; simply check out this repository into your…


Dynamic Buttons

by Alexander Kudymov

Dynamic button plug-in for allows to create buttons with fixed paddings no matter what text you add


Duplicate to All Artboards

by Buscarini

This plugin takes the selected layers and makes a copy for each artboard in the page, scaling them in the process. The selected layers have to…


Copy Fill Color

by Poyi

This is a Sketch 3 Plugin that provides shortcut for copying a layer’s fill color to clipboard. If you need to quickly grab the hex color…


Content Generator

by Timur Carpeev

Sketch generator allows you quickly create dummy data such as avatars, names, geo location data etc


Combine Text Layers

by Josh Wayne

Takes a group of selected text layers and combines the text to a single layer.


Clear All Layer Styles

by Nathan Rutzky plugin for clearing all layer style properties. Selected layers will reset to the default style properties defined by the user. Works with text and shape…


iOS Icon Generator

by Marko Tadic

After creating icon in any square sized artboard, select any layer (or nothing if that’s the only artboard on page), then run this plugin to generate…



by the UI8 team

A huge range of carefully crafted UI design assets to enhance your design workflow, both free and premium assets.


Sketch Shortcuts

by Robert van Klinken & Jeffrey de Groot

A list of Keyboard Shortcuts for Sketch App.